Study Circle on Education, Training, Skills & Employment

The second study circle for Policy Café was held on 6th December 2013 at Kozmo Café, Banani, Dhaka with participation from students of different universities (both public and private). It was a fantastic gathering of different schools of thought of academia from University of Dhaka, United International University and Sher-E Bangla Agricultural University. The students comprising of more than ten departments from various faculties of the universities exercised their learning and their understanding about ‘Education, Training, Skills and Employment’. The theme of the event was “TO ENSURE BETTER LIFE, BETTER WORK”.

After being introduced with each other, the participants viewed presentations made by Centre for Research and Information (CRI) on “National Skill Development Policy (NSDP) 2011” and “National Education Policy 2010”. The participants urged to formulate a sustainable education policy and proper implementation of National Skills Development Policy for the betterment of the students and job seekers. The students talked about the introduction of ICT, training for teachers, sanctioning and monitoring of new policies, reforming different faulty agendas etc.

Subsequently, there was a Question and Answer session where the students participated spontaneously. The participants were then divided into four groups and were asked to make a policy paper upholding the National Education Policy- 2010 and National Skills Development Policy -2011 and finding the linkage or missed opportunities of the two policies.

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