Policy Study Circle : a lyceum

Through the prior enterprise named ‘Policy Study Circle’, Policy Café tends to provide a unique podium for the youth to know & study the policies of the nation. After becoming informed enough they discuss about policy framework, raise recommendations, and dream about their own policy. Thus, they progressively perceive themselves as the policy stakeholders of the nation.


It has initiated several Policy Study Circles on various youth related policies like Education Policy, National Skills Development Policy, ICT in Education and Employment. In Policy Study Circles young minds shared their concerns. They recommended making a sustainable education policy for the betterment of the students and job seekers so that they can get relevant job after completing graduations. The students also talked about the introduction of ICT, training for the teachers, sanction and monitoring of new policies, reforming different agenda.
In University of Dhaka and United International University premises different University clubs were provided with the ownership to arrange the study circles; and they showed immense interest to learn and share about the national policy frameworks.

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