The Biggest Youth Platform Launched by Sajeeb Wazed Joy

‘Young Bangla’, the most inclusive youth mobilization initiative in Bangladesh till date, has been launched on November 15, 2014 at Grand Ballroom in the Radisson Blu Water Garden. The visionary behind Digital Bangladesh Sajeeb Wazed Joy, also the Prime Minister’s Adviser on ICT, chaired the inaugural event and raised the curtain of this National Youth Network. It’s a platform to represent the inclusive voices of the youth to achieve ‘Vision 2021’ and to transfer Bangladesh as a role model to the world.
The registration process has started at 9.30am and continued till 10.30am. And there was immense cheerful gathering of young people from all around the country. There were seven registration booths furnished with ID cards, placards, and other participation kits.
In the inauguration of Young Bangla, over 200 youth organizations from 64 districts across Bangladesh have joined as partner organizations, supporting the dream. The idea is to connect all the dots of past, present and future by developing an evolving network between the experienced and the youth society to achieve a singular mission to transform Bangladesh as the role model to the world.
Actual Program geared off at 11.00am. At the beginning point, Sabbir Bin Shams, the Executive Director of CRI, expressed the idea behind this mega initiative. He said that it is not possible to build a happy country where everyone will be ell off without the active participation of youth of the country constituting 65% of the nation.
Mr. Shukrana, the president of Bangladesh Debate Federation, on behalf of other coalition member, tried to explain the idea why we need to connect the dots between past, present and future.
The convener of the initiative, Mr. Nahim Razzaq MP, took the stage and exposed the background work of Young Bangla project- the activity journey till now, through an audio visual. He also clarified the idea, happenings; how the things are moving on actually to mobilize the youth leaders & achievers from every nook & corner of the country. He further added that it’s going to be the single unanimous platform for youth dreamt by our honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, and to make it a successful initiative the platform demands cooperation from every one.
At 11.30 am the chief guest Mr. Sajeeb Wazed Joy was called upon on the stage to inaugurate Young Bangla platform. And through heart beating count down the curtain was raised by him. An inspiring launching AV has been displayed and got huge round of applause. Afterwards Mr. Joy signed up himself as a member of the platform.
National anthem and one minute silence have been observed for commemorating the supreme sacrifice of the war heroes of our liberation war.
The chief guest expressed that he is very happy and honored to be a part of Young Bangla Platform. In his short speech he explained the cause why Young Bangla Coalition is giving such emphasis on the youth. He said brilliantly that we are doing so because we need to secure our future; and the young generation is our future. If we want to sustain our economy up to 2021, even 2041 we must focus on the proper development of the youth of our country.
He has also made a fascinating announcement about the internship program coming up for the youth directly with different ministries. This internship program would produce an unique opportunity for the youth to know about the governmental process and can contribute their fresh knowledge towards its further development.

In the second session of the program there was an interactive panel discussion on ‘Youth engagement: Mission 2021’ with Sajeeb Wazed Joy and panel members. In this live view sharing discussion the youth achievers have expressed their queries, views, suggestions and recommendations regarding Young Bangla. They also raised many of their discontents about the process and hurdles of youth volunteerism in community level. The prime issues raised by them were:
• Financial assistance to execute social services by the youth organizations
• Restoring the authentic history of Bangladesh through this platform
• Active and progressive student politics
• Patronization of indigenous robotic innovations
• Making scope for deprived children to be educated
• Restructuring our tourism spots
• Training on freelancing and ICT
• SME loans without collateral
• Intermingling NRB and national youth
• Facilitating awareness against drugs
• Education for the hill tracts students
• Call centre jobs for the disabled people
• Development of community radio
• Equal rights for the third gender
• Renewable energy
• Cleaning Bangladesh
• Afforesting the country
• Connection between centre and periphery
The panelist did not hesitate to answer all the questions raised by the youth. They also had embraced all the suggestions and promised to fulfill many of their urges.

The eventful launching ceremony ended with the photo session and the commitment of holding the National Youth Summit in the upcoming February.
However, the key focus of Young Bangla is to integrate the youths from different parts of Bangladesh and involve them into the national development process: Vision 2021. Young Bangla also focuses on promoting achievements of Bangladeshi youths and facilitates potential achievements to start and expand by creating a bridge. Young Bangla program has been designed to facilitate activities like capacity building training for young achievers and entrepreneurs, linkage meeting between potential investors and young achievers, identify and promote youth lead initiatives successful in different parts of the country to lead an inclusive socioeconomic development in coming years.

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