Young Bangla Divisional Meet-Sylhet

After the completion of a successful divisional meet in Chittagong, Young Bangla hosted its second Divisional Meet on Januray 31, 2015, at M.C College Hostel field, Sylhet. In search of the real achievers of our nation, Young Bangla continues its legacy of screening out the root level entrepreneurs, innovators, social workers. One of the ongoing initiatives of Young Bangla is to recognize these good works which they are doing for their development as well as for the development of our country.
Young Bangla is a platform initiated by Centre for Research and Information (CRI) and other convening organizations that aims towards integrating the youth from different parts of Bangladesh and involve them into the national development process, Vision 2021. It also intends to establish as a networking hub for young achievers, entrepreneurs, social contributors, initiators to maximize their true potentials.
During the meet, the convener Nahim Razzak MP himself, People’s Perspective Specialist at A2I – Access to Information Mr. Naimuzzaman Mukta, Advocate Amatul Kibria Keya Chowdhury MP, District Administrator of Sunamganj Barrister M. Anamul Kabir Emon, Barrister Sheikh Fazle Nayem, Shaikh Sher A Azad Shams from CRI, were present along with the representatives of other convening organizations ESAB, JCI and BDF. The premise of Young Bangla Divisional Meet was set out with 5 kinds of zones respectively:
1. Registration booth,
2. Information centre,
3. Innovation zone for showcasing
4. Joy Bangla youth award zone for collecting success stories and
5. Lastly CV drop zone for internship from Chittagong division.
Around 168 success stories were submitted on spot which eventually will be acknowledged on 7th March 2015 in coordination with JCT TOYP. The success stories were screened by the representatives of JCI (Junior Chambers of International) based on the outstanding contribution in the society. About 115 CVs for internship were dropped which will be sent to the Ministry of Power Energy and Mineral Resources; ICT Division of Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The first segment of the event was mainly registration process which was started at 2 pm and continued till 5 pm. The participants were consisted with the ratio forty-sixty respectively between female and male and average age is among 18-40. The venue was overflowed with the different segment of people. Young people were coming forward with their stories and innovative ideas. The number of participants was growing over time. Each booth was filled with enthusiastic participants. Local people were enjoying in participating in such a large scale program for the first time ever. Participants were seen from different background like rich to root level. More over participants from different districts of Sylhet were present in the program.

In between, the 2nd segment of program was started around 4 pm with the national anthem led by the artists from local cultural organization. Abdullah Md. Shukrana, General Secretary of BDF took the stage and gave a brief about Young Bangla Initiative. He delivered some motivational and encouraging words towards the young people throughout his speech in reference with Vision 2021. Afterwards the audio-visual clips were shown namely:
a. The video of first coordination meeting which was held in Dhaka University Senate Building
b. Audio Visual of Young Bangla
c. Theme song of Young Bangla
d. Audio Visual of Chittagong Divisional Meet
After the audio visuals presentation convener of ‘Young Bangla’ Mr Nahim Razzak Mp came to the stage and he explained the mission and vision behind this great platform. In order to make Digital Bangladesh into the reality by 2021 this platform is much needed, he added. He also stated that 350 youth organizations from different districts of our country will showcased during the 7th March Award Ceremony of Joy Bangla Youth Award which will be organized at Army Stadium, Dhaka. He also announced that more than 500 internees will get chance in the respective ministries e.g. Ministry of Power Energy and Mineral Resources; ICT Division of Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Finally he added that this Young Bangla platform is to implement the dream of youths that will help to making a better developed nation. He explained that connecting all the dots of our country we will be able achieve the Vision 2021 successfully. According to Mr. Nahim Razzak-
“Youth power can have a great impact on the development of Bangladesh. Young Bangla is that platform which is to empower the youth power”
The segment was continued with some innovation demonstration on the stage by the students who came from different universities. The projects were demonstrated as bellow:
1. Love for Science
2. Cam SUST
3. Robo SUST
5. The Searcher
After this session, open discussion on “Young Bangla and You” has been conducted by Mr. Sukhrana. Some regards came from the audiences:
“More Libraries are required to spread the light of education. Establishment of library is the only way to remove illiteracy from our country”
“To achieve vision 2021, Youth of our nation have to take the lead and help government to achieve the goals”
“The victory of every individual is the victory for our country”
The program was more eventful when the local achievers were on the stage one by one and they shared their stories and showed how they and their organizations are contributing in the society as well as in the country. The shared stories were:
1. Poribesh o Hawor Unnoyon Songstha
2. Afsana (Achiever)
3. Abdul Basid (Digital Center Entrepreneur)
4. Ferdows Aktar Beauty (Digital Center Entrepreneur)
5. Swopnotthan
6. Kin
7. Mrittika
8. Sports Sust
9. S M C Medicine
10. Leading University Cultural Club
11. Rotaract Club of Sylhet M. C. College
The event started at 2pm and ended at 8pm. Near about 1500 very enthusiastic youth representative of different root level workers, different organization member’s, entrepreneurs, innovators and youth activists of different districts and Upazillas of Sylhet participated in this event. There was open Discussion, Divisional Level Innovation Showcasing and Sharing Success Stories with the crowed. Some audio-visual presentation was shown by the student organizations like Kin, and Mrittika and SUDS. Finally, the event was concluded with performance by Banglar Baul form shunamganj, local band Nongar and Old School from Dhaka.

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