Let's Talk

Let’s Talk on Reducing Inequalities

On 23rd March, 2017, Centre for Research and Information (CRI) organized a Let’s Ta!k with In the run up to the upcoming 136th Assembly of Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) scheduled to take place in Dhaka. more

Let’s talk proceedings: Event - 13

Let’s Talk is a platform which offers youths the opportunity to engage with politicians and policy makers face to face and express one’s ideas related to politics, national issues and development more

Let’s talk proceedings: Event - 12

Let’s Talk is a platform created with an aim to give youth’s their “right to be heard”, politicians from different constituencies offer an opportunity to listen to the voices of young citizens. more

Lets Talk Proceedings: Event - 11

Since its independence in 1971, Bangladesh has come a long way towards prosperity and democracy. However, there have been hardly any steps taken to resolve the gap between the government more

Let's Talk Proceedings: Event – 10

Youths of Bangladesh have emerged as a phenomenal factor in country’s overall development chronicles. Currently 40% of the total population of Bangladesh is represented by the youths and exclusion more

Lets Talk Proceedings: Event – 9

It was a fine morning when nearly hundred students came to the conference hall at Hotel Tiger Garden in Khulna. They were excited as for the first time their voices were going to be heard by a young politician. A politician, whose vein goes deep into more