Policy Café with Sajeeb Wazed Joy on ICT

Policy Café, an initiative of Centre for Research and Information (CRI), is going to stage up a diversified discussion program named ‘policy café with Sajeeb Wazed Joy on ICT’. The program will be held at Ruposhi Bangla Winter Garden on March 18, at 07:30 pm. ICT specialist and youth icon Mr. Sajeeb Wazed Joy will preside over the program.

The program has been arranged to facilitate the youth ICT experts, professionals and entrepreneurs to create a platform for public discussion and debate on National ICT policy of the country as the government is going to revise and formulate a complete and people friendly ICT policy within a few months.

In the history of Bangladesh, it’s the first time where youth leaders of the society will involve themselves to share their opinions and suggestions to form a national policy for the development of the nation. Involvement of the youth with the policy formulating procedure will strengthen the democratic practice of the country.

Ekattor TV will broadcast the program as a live event from 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm on March 18.

Moreover, Country’s first Internet Newspaper www.bdnews24.com and official website of Bangladesh Awami League www.albd.org will keep continuing live streaming of the program from 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm on the day.

One thought on “Policy Café with Sajeeb Wazed Joy on ICT

  1. A.S.M.Sarwar Hossain|

    Dear sir, as the Policy cafe show was only designed for the invited guests, thats why I could not attend there physically.
    Nevertheless i have an opinion regarding the ICT Act 2006.
    The ICT Act-2006 was enacted before the first tenure (2008) of Awamileague government which brought the Digital Bangladesh agenda for the first time in the history of Bangladesh. The previous government which passed this legislation had different visions regarding the ICT sector, hence the Act is incompatible with the present Digital Bangladesh agenda.
    Though the act needs some further change or improvements as you suggested not to use the word reform.
    For example the act completely misses out the issues of Intellectual property rights, trade marking or patenting of electronic and information data. The law doesn’t cover the issues regarding the rights and liabilities of the domain name holders, which is the first step of entering into the e-commerce.
    The 2006 Act even remained silent over the regulation of electronic payments gateway and segregate the negotiable instruments from the applicability of the IT act, which may have the major effect for the development and growth of e-commerce industry in Bangladesh.
    There is no provision in the act for transmitting any defamatory substances by the ICT Act 2006. However there are provisions in the section 67 regarding the transmitting of obscene document. The act is also silent on filming anyone’s personal actions in public and then distributing it electronically. It holds ISPs responsible for third party data and information, unless contravention is committed without their knowledge or unless the ISP has undertaken the due diligence to prevent the contravention.


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