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4. Skill for Employability
Skilled, self-driven and enterprising youth are going to help Bangladesh ripe the demo- graphic dividend. Government of Bangladesh has been providing the large youth popula- tion with necessary skills to embark on productive activities. Currently the government is implementing National Skill Development Action Plan Phase 2 (2017-21). Overall, some 19 ministries and 18 departments, private institutions, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) both local and international are directly involved with skill transfer. National Skill Develop- ment Council (NSDC) is playing a significant role in coordinating among different imple- menting agencies. Efforts are underway to strengthen the relationship between indus- tries/economic sectors and skill providers to make the system more responsive to market demands.
4.1 Training for Employment and Self-employment
The government with support from development partners, has taken number of big programs and projects to strengthen the skill sector. Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP), Bangladesh Skills for Employemt and Productivity (BSEP), Skills and Trainign Enhancement Project (STEP) are currently being implemeted to strengthen skill training system are currenting underway.
Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS) is the focul agency overseeing youth development. Department of Youth Development (DYD) under MoYS offers skill training, credit scheme and self-employment opportunity for the youth of both urban and rural areas. Since 2009,
more than 2,100,000 youths received training from DYD of whom 547,169 got opportunities to be self-employed. During that period, DYD provided loan to 171,772 youths for their start-ups.
Since January 2012, DYD has been implementing ‘Strengthening of Training at upazila Level for Creation of Employment and Self-employment’ project in 442 upazilas. DYD has launched another project named ‘Technology Empowerment Centre on Wheels for Underprivileged Rural Young People of Bangladesh’. Under this project, jobless youths, both male and female, receive training in a mobile van.
The Ministry of Labour & Employment (MoLE) offers skill training targeting for employment generation. The Bureau of

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