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6. Youth in Cultural and
Social Activity
The youth of Bangladesh are known for being cultural minded. Ministry of Cultural Affairs (MoCA) organizes cultural events engaging the vibrant youths of the country. It provides regular funding for development and construction of cultural centre, public library, auditorium and financial grants to private and community libraries, cultural organizations, theatre group, cultural club and cultural activists. There are 17 depart- ments under this ministry working towards restoring and popularizing culture and traditions of the country. Bangla Academy, Department of Public Libraries, Bangladesh Shilpokala Academy, Bangladesh National Museum, Department of Archeology and Cultural Institute for Ethnic Groups are some of the state organisations promoting cultural activities around the country.
Ongoing Initiative of Ministry of Cultural Affairs (2016-17)
Construction of Shilpokala Academy at divisional and district towns at the cost of $5,101,266
Reconstruction of Shilpokala Academy in 15 districts at the cost of $3,867,088
Construction of Public Library in 6 districts at the cost of $2,721,519
Government is keen to mobilize youth participation in social development. Relevant agencies provide financial and logistic support to initiatives by youth groups and organizations across the country. There are about 100,000 youth organizations in the country involved in social development activities. Youth organizations received $998,430 from Department of Youth Development (DYD) in 2009-16.

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