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In the recent years, the youth of Bangladesh achieved success in both international and national arenas courtesy to the visionary approach of the Awami League gov- ernment. The future looks brighter given the government has been implementing a large number of programs addressing the development challenges of the large youth population.
There are certain areas of youth development where greater attention is required. First of all, quality education is obviously crucial, a country like Bangladesh must seek to raise the quality of education upto global standard. Particular attention is needed to make skill training programs responsive to locally and overseas market demands. Next, the country has taken strides in ensuring access to modern ICT services for youth. With a large number of youth living in remote and backward regions, there remains challenge to create access to ICT services for them. Lastly, the sports sector lacks long term plan, resource, infrastructure and coordination among its stakeholders. Beside the state, private sector should come up with investment and support for the development of sports such as football, hockey, athletics and shooting.
Every year, government allocates a big share to education, skill, sports and health related sectors. Still there is need for more resources to strengthen institutional capacities, develope manpower and infrastructure in these sectors.
Honorable Prime Minister Sheik Hasina has always been vocal about her faith in the youth of Bangladesh and strong commitment towards promoting the youth. Youth development is going to remain as one of the top-priorities as the country is keen to ripe its demographic dividend.

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