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Bangladesh is in a unique position with one of the largest youth population in the world estimated to be around 53.0 million (between the age group of 18 to 35 years) which is approximately around 33.4% of the total population of 158.5 million. The youth of Bangladesh have been playing a significant role in national development. From the war of independence in 1971 to all the democratic and social movements in the post-independence era, the youth were always at the helm. They are expected to play the central role in elevating the nation to the level of a developed one by the year 2040.
The Awami League government has been committed towards the development of youth and giving priority to youth in its development agenda, policy-plan and programmes. Some specific objectives of the youth development programmes include increase the participation of youth, particularly females in youth development, equip the youth with education, skill and suitable training in technical, vocational and professional fields, increase sell-employment opportunities among the youth and organize youth groups and motivate them to assist in community development through voluntary youth organiza- tions. Continuous efforts are being made to strengthen education and skill development system, health service, ICT service, sports and culture to ensure that the youth get the best of preparation to grow up as quality citizen of the nation.
This publication aims to look at the recent policy measures, plan, programmes amd successes of the government targeting general and specific needs and development challenges of the large youth force of the nation. It focuses on some of the core areas like Education and Skill, Science and Technology, Sports, Culture and society and explores the initiatives taken by the government and relevant ministries/de- partments.

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