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Bangladesh: Education for All

Bangladesh: Education for All

Bangladesh has made commendable progress in the education sector in recent years. This has been highlighted in a CRI Publication prepared for UNGA 2016 titled 'Bangladesh: Education for All'. The commitment for the 'Education for All' goal of the government is demonstrated by the multifaceted measures in all tiers of education, especially primary level. As a result of compulsory, accessible and inclusive education, the country has witnessed the highest enrollment rate in the history of the nation, along with improved completion rate, literacy rate and schooling quality.

Bangladesh: Promoting Safe Migration

Bangladesh regards migration as an international as well as a national issue that effects internal as well as external policies. The positive initiatives undertaken in this regard has been showcased in a CRI publication titled: "Bangladesh: Promoting Safe Migration" prepared to mark Bangladesh's hosting of the upcoming GFMD Summit. With a coordinated, sustainable and efficient management of migration system in place, Bangladesh has been recognized as a pioneer since sharing the idea of ‘Global Compact on Migration’.

Bangladesh: An Economic Tiger

Bangladesh has witnessed remarkable economic development in recent years. This was continued in the 2015-16 fiscal year. These achievements have been recorded in detail in the CRI publication titled: "Bangladesh: An Economic Tiger", prepared for the UNGA 2016. Successes include the highest ever GDP growth rate of 7.11% and the lowest ever poverty rate of 22.4% among others. Such achievements have labeled Bangladesh one of the ten new emerging economies of the world and the ‘next Asian tiger’ by international actors. The country sees steady increase in higher investments, along with developed monetary policies and a strong financial discipline in the future ahead.

Bangladesh Ensuring Peace and Security

Bangladesh’s successes in countering terrorism and curbing terror financing at the national and international levels has been highlighted in a publication prepared by CRI for UNGA 2016 titled: "Bangladesh: Countering Terrorism and Preventing Violent Extremism". This publication highlights the major counter terrorism efforts and successes, both administrative, legal, security-wise and social. It also includes record of notable recent security operations, development of law enforcement capacities and the multifaceted cooperation with national and international stakeholders.

Bangladesh Water and Sanitation: A Clean Future

Bangladesh recognizes the important role of safe drinking water and sanitation coverage play in the overall development of the country. In order to highlight the steps taken, and successes achieved, in ensuring clean and hygienic water and sanitation facilities for all in Bangladesh, CRI prepared a publication titled: "Bangladesh Water and Sanitation: A Clean Future". This has been done specifically for the upcoming United Nations Water Summit, detailing the coordinated and committed actions from the government and non-government bodies, including the civil society in this regard.



100 More Youth Placed with Vision 2021 Internship

The Vision 2021 Internship Program was designed to provide youth of Bangladesh with the unique opportunity to undertake internships and placements in the public sector. So far, youth have been placed as interns and trainees with the Ministries of: Power, Energy & Mineral Resources, Foreign Affairs, ICT, and Primary and Mass Education. Following on from the past successes, Young Bangla, and its secretariat CRI, recently placed 100 interns with various departments and agencies under the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources.

24,000 Youth to be Placed with SRCLL

CRI has signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for assigning “coordinators and supervisors” to over 2000 labs, for the government established Sheikh Russel Computer and Language Lab (SRCLL). These labs are a part of an initiative to transform young students into a skilled IT workforce and a part of the government’s ‘Digital Bangladesh’ initiative. Two coordinators and ten volunteers in each lab are to be placed during the next two years under the agreement by CRI-Young Bangla, in order to provide necessary assistance during the trainings.

S2EP: Skills for Education to Employment

Korposhopan Pataton’ career camp is a unique initiative of 'Shikka 2 Employment Program' (S2EP) organized by Advancing Public Interest Trust (APIT) and supported by Young Bangla. These career camps aim to provide the necessary skills required by fresh graduates and entrants, in order to become competent candidates for the job market. Throughout the two camps organized so far, 200 participants have been trained to enhance their capabilities in job search along with technical and communication based skills generally relevant to organizational policies and management.



Youth Exchange between China-Bangladesh

A youth delegation from Bangladesh attended a trip to Beijing, China from 22-28 September 2016, to enhance cooperative ties between the youth of both countries. The tour was jointly organized by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Dhaka and the Centre for Research and Information (CRI) and co-hosted by the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The youth were provided opportunities for knowledge exchange and received insights on the volunteering and welfare activities of the Chinese youth, apart from getting a better understanding of contemporary and historical China.

Young Bangla Network Meeting Held

CRI-Young Bangla organized its two-day long Network Meeting 2016 at Dhaka on 16 and 17 May. The meeting was attended by the various awardees of Joy Bangla Youth Award 2015, interns of the Vision 2021 Internship Programme, members of the extended Young Bangla network and public and private sector partners. The aim was to assessing the work done for the development of youth of Bangladesh in the last one year, taking feedback from the young achievers and change makers related to their various activities and discuss a roadmap for the future activities and focus of the Young Bangla platform.



Organizing Workshop on Youth Policy

Centre for Research and Information (CRI), in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Department of Youth Development (under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh) organized a workshop on 27th July 2016, for the finalization of the draft National Youth Policy 2016. The workshop focused on collecting feedbacks, opinions, suggestions and recommendations from key policymakers, stakeholders and experts in the arena of youth development and engagement to make the policy as participatory as possible.

Organizing Seminar on Nutrition Priorities

On 1 June 2016, Copenhagen Consensus Center and CRI co-organized the “Bangladesh Nutrition Priorities: Policy Seminar”. A lot of progress has been made in recent years, yet malnutrition remains a challenge. Publishing new research on nutrition solutions in Bangladesh, the Policy Seminar provided an opportunity for a proactive and focused discussion on nutrition priorities and policy options. Attended by the most important stakeholders and experts of nutrition, from the government, NGOs and international agencies, the seminar discussed smart solutions to addressing nutrition issues.



CRI at Awami League's 20th National Conference

CRI had an extensive presence at the 20th National Conference of Bangladesh Awami League, held in October 2016. Apart from preparing four publications on the party's history and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, CRI had a visible presence in the conference venue as well, with creative installations, stalls, booths etc. Publications, leaflets, posters and placards were distributed there for free. To ensure wider engagement, CRI organized a special "Let's Ta!k with Bangladesh Awami League" and facilitated online engagement by arranging live stream and instantaneous live updates of the event via social networks.

Facilitating Youth Political Delegation to China

CRI in partnership with the Embassy of China in Dhaka and the International Department of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China (CPC) facilitated a Bangladeshi Youth Politicians Delegation’s tour to China from 12-17 June 2016. The objective of the tour was to promote further cooperation between the young politicians of both countries and to enhance the current strong relations between Bangladesh and China. The delegation comprised of eight (8) young parliamentarians and seven (7) youth political leaders from Bangladesh.



NDI Impressed by CRI's Youth Engagement

On 1 November, 2016, a high-level delegation of the Washington based National Democratic Institute (NDI) visited the offices of the CRI for an official meeting. The delegation was appraised of various works CRI is doing in the fields of youth and political engagement. The NDI delegation was highly impressed to learn about CRI and its youth platform, Young Bangla’s, work with the youth of Bangladesh, and the specific initiatives to link them with politics, policymaking and national development processes and identifying, recognizing, showcasing and continually supporting the youth achievers and change makers.

Democracy International Praises CRI

On 9 June, 2016, a six-member delegation of Washington-based Democracy International (DI) met with Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka. The team was led by Mr. Glenn Cowan, co-founder and CEO of DI. During the meeting, HPM Sheikh Hasina said that Centre for Research and Information (CRI) was founded to conduct research on different issues of Bangladesh, especially politics and development. The DI team highly praised the work of CRI, saying that its personnel are very brilliant at intellectual level. In particular, the delegation lauded the research works and products of CRI.

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