Policy Café

PC-27052014CRI maintains a vision to explore new political ideas and reform the practices of policy formulation that would define progressive politics and policies in a new ‘Digital Bangladesh’ through democratized people-centered debate. In tune with that vision, CRI has designed a forum for the youth named ‘Policy Café’ to garner the assessments of youth on national policies, acts, ordinances or any other important national paper.  It is a study based initiative from CRI where knowledge and interpretation is the major theme. For the effective implementation of CRI mission and vision the first and foremost approach is to organize research based activity or task where some particular issues of the government is considered as the part of research and which are relevant to make our democratic practices more comprehensive. Policy Café has several initiatives which particularly emphasizes on improving youth’s literacy habits and skills through highlighting on youth motivation, engagement, and achievement.

In order to institute pro-people policy and inclusive politics Policy Cafe motivates the new generation to analyze policies to step forward and erase the old errors.  These particular analyses will be considered to reform the broken concept and spread the light of new notion of success to build up a prosperous nation.

For information on past and future Policy Cafe events and for detailed write-ups please click here.

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