Let’s Talk proceedings: Event – 2

Let’s Talk proceedings: Event – 2

In Bishwa Sahitya Kendra, Let’s Talk event took place on 8th July. Nahim Razzaq MP, Tarana Halim MP and Junaid Ahmed Palak MP were present to talk with the participants. After the introductory session, questions were taken from the participants. Subjects like women rights, Padma Bridge, minister without Portfolio, War Crime tribunal, Disaster management, BCS quota, student council election, Yunus & Grameen bank, foreign policies were brought up by the attendees.

About education, the MPs said, “We already decided to build a college in every Upazilla. This government has done a lot in education sector. 270 million books delivered in the last 4 years. All books revised and available online as well, Junior School Certificate introduced, education for woman made free up to 12 grade and many other steps have been taken.”

They mentioned that there is an option to expunge offensive language used in parliament. In every country there is quota, but they agreed the ratio is high in Bangladesh. Quota should be there, but the ratio should be lowered down. “Finance minister has a good relation with Dr. Yunus and Grameen bank, Minister is not taking or saying anything that is not in the law.”

“People are saying that work of Padma Bridge has not started. But it’s not true. The government has already acquired lands for the project which took around 1400 crore taka. In Sariyatpur, river embankment protection is under construction for a cost of 200 crore taka.” They stated Bangladesh does not need 22000 crore taka at a time for Padma Bridge. “We need it in different phases in steps. World Bank walked out of the deal as they thought there is a possibility of corruption. In any project there can be this possibility, but without proof taking such step is unfortunate.”

Caretaker government has not done anything for the country. In Every indicator, Bangladesh failed to keep its pace in the two years of caretaker government, they commented.

Tarana Halim MP said, “It’s a tragedy for us that whenever we achieve something good, a force in the name of religion hold us down.” About Hefazat issue, she said the opposition is trying to use manipulated photos and news to undermine the government. “Awami League ensured harmony in the country, stopped religious fanaticism and equal rights for all people”. She urged to put ‘ensuring women rights’ as one of the goals of Sustainable Development Goal.

MP Junaid Ahmed Palak asked the attendees what they think should be done in the next 4 months of Awami tenure. In their spontaneous response, the attendees suggested-

1) There should be proper publicity of the things that the present government did. Awami League’s publicity cell should be more active.
2) Talk directly about the rumors. Hefazat, Padma Bridge, Dr. Yunus and other issues should be addressed and made clear in a unison.
3) Nominate the deserving candidate.
4) Stop taking political revenges but make government, law enforcing agency and judicial process strong to punish the culprits.
5) Ensure speed and efficiency in crime tribunals.
6) Make promises that you can keep and ensure accountability.
7) Resolve the internal conflict of Awami League.
8) Prove that Awami League is working for the people, gain their trust back

The three MPs thanked the youths for their participation and encouraged them to ask and to learn more. They also thanked CRI for organizing such events. A group photo was taken at the end of the discussion.

Venue: Bishwa Sahitya Kendra | Date: 08.07.2013
MPs : Nahim Razzaq, Tarana Halim and Junaid Ahmed Palak