Let’s Talk Proceedings: Event – 3

Let’s Talk Proceedings: Event – 3

It was drizzling when members of North South University Cultural Club (NSUCC) gathered at ‘Oh! Calcutta’ Restaurant in Banani for ‘Let’s talk’. The event took place on 20th July at 3pm.The youngest Member of Parliament (MP) NahimRazzaqand Member of Working Committee of Bangladesh Awami League Nasrul Hamid Bipu MPwerepresent at the event.

At the beginning, all 45 participants from NSUCC introduced themselves. From their introduction, the MPs came to know that Tamim likes Khichuri andAshiq is a star bathroom singer. Rifat, on the other hand only eats and sleeps. Tareq likes to climb up trees. Rafat was also there who is bit lazy. Intellect Naim, dancer Sameer along with Abrar was also among the participants.

In the ‘Spontaneous Questions’ session, the participants expressed their opinion and placed their queries in front of the MPs.

Students expressed their concerns about joining politics. They informed the MPs that they are often forbidden to join politics. A participant, Naser expressing his frustration, “Why can’t our two main political parties work together? If one starts a work to ensure development of the country, other party just stops it when they are in power. Why that happens?”

Issues like hartal & its effect on education, present condition of student politics which only creates news of vandalism, discrimination between public and private universities was placed in front of the MPs. They (students) suggested that main stream and student politics should be different.

Nasrul Hamid Bipu appreciated the concerns raised by the students. “As the political parties do not compromise, such situations become unavoidable. We do not want hartals and do not want arson, vandalism during hartals. What’s the benefit in burning down a poor man’s vehicle?”

About caretaker government Mr Hamid stated, “Caretaker government is risky, as they don’t have any accountability. For the decisions taken by the previous caretaker government, we lagged behind in our development indicators.”

Both of the MPs agreed, ideas foreign to the national context can’t be solutions for the country. Agriculture and energy sector-both have seen a boost. “We are now self-sufficient in food. Electricity production has almost doubled since 2009 from 4900 MW to 8100MW.”

One of the participants pointed out, “Some people of this government do work. That is why when we get back home, we find water & electricity. And these people need to be appreciated.”The MPs urged the participants to do constructive criticism as well as to praise the good works done by the government. Otherwise, those who are trying hard to make the country a developed one, will be demoralized.

Nahim Razzaq stated, “During this government’s tenure, an excellent education policy has been created which took a lot of effort. Maybe it will take another 10 years for the policy to be fully implemented but still, it’s a start.”

After a presentation on Government’s achievements and where Bangladesh stands as a nation, NSUCC members provided some suggestions to the MPs:
1) An email address can be created where everyone can send their problem or can provide suggestions.
2) Government can select random people to understand the situation on ground because people who are in power are usually surrounded by flatterers.
3) SMS voting service in the selection process of the candidates. In every constituency, the parties can select 3 or 4 candidates and then based on their popularity or acceptability, the parties can nominate the ideal candidate.
4) Highlight how much of the promises of the last election have been fulfilled by Awami League. It is important to follow-up the words given to the people.
5) Strengthen local government.
6) Execution of verdicts of some of the war crime cases should be done within this tenure because if the government changes they may get out.
7) Price control on agriculture.

Both the MPs shared their emails and said in their concluding speech, “We want to be conscious Bengalis rather than being the ones who just run after rumours. And we want to be conscious policy makers.”

Addressing the youth participants they said, “Not from the parties rather from you, leadership should be developed. We also need to focus on socio-cultural leadership. Our youth is our spirit.”

The NSUCC participants had a group photograph with the MPs. The event came to an end with distribution of iftar packets.

Venue: Oh! Calcutta | Date: 20.07.2013
MPs: 1) Nasrul Hamid Bipu 2) NahimRazzaq

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