Lets Talk Proceedings: Event : 7 | CRI

Lets Talk Proceedings: Event : 7 | CRI

Let’s Talk is an event that provides young generation with a platform to confront their queries with the politicians of Bangladesh. Previously CRI facilitated six successful dialogues between the youths of Bangladesh and parliament members. Such fruitful programmes resulted in growing interest among politicians to get engaged with these young groups of people and gather fresh perspectives on various nationally and internationally significant topics.

Let’s Talk’s seventh (7th) programme was held at the Emmanuels Banquet Hall, Dhaka on 3rd September 2013. In this programme for the first time, the IT adviser of the Prime Minister and upcoming young politician Mr. Sajeeb Wajed Joy graced the event with active participation from 150 students.

In his opening speech Mr. Joy shared the success of the party. He said that ‘It is not possible to get everything right in a country of 150 million people over night. But the government has done its job by and large by maintaining law and order and bringing lawbreakers to the dock’.

Mr. Joy answered students’ inquiries about various issues on politics, economics, infrastructure development, trials of war criminals and human rights. Speaking on the sensational Bishwajit murder topic, Mr. Joy said, ‘No civil society can tolerate murders like this. We have not tolerated these brutalities. The killers of Biswajt have been brought to justice, regardless of which party they supported or which family they hailed from’.

Discussing on infrastructure, Mr. Joy emphasized on achievements into electricity production and infrastructure development such as construction of roads and highways. He said ‘We have reached half way in solving the power crisis for the last five years and we are halfway towards achieving the goals of digital Bangladesh’.

Apart from these intensive issues students also asked about his personal life. Mr. Joy spontaneously answered those questions, which were appreciated and cherished by the young participants. On a personal note Mr. Joy said that ‘I have never searched for identities. I consider myself lucky, because my skills allow me to serve my country. Not a lot of people can do that. I do not think about my identity or what my future would be’. He also said ‘My career is in IT, not in politics. I am here to serve my people only’.

At the end of the programme Mr. Joy asked the participants about the challenges the country is facing. Most of them pointed out the issue of political distress. Mr. Joy explained the point of differences with other major parties. He assured that this party, Bangladesh Awami League will always be a supporter of god practices of democracy.

Venue: Emmanuel’s Banquet Hall | Time: 3.00pm

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