DI & CRI discuss public opinion research

DI & CRI discuss public opinion research

On 15th May 2014, Democracy International (DI) undertook a shared-learning session with Centre for Research and Information (CRI), at Six Seasons Hotel, Dhaka.  DI is a renowned organization for providing analytical services, technical assistance, and project implementation for democracy and governance programs worldwide.

The general topic of the day long shared-learning session was ‘public opinion research’. Mr Glenn Cowan, co-founder and principal of DI, Mr. David Dettman, the Chief of Party for DI in Bangladesh and Executive Director of CRI were the key speakers in the session. They exchanged their experiences of political research with CRI team who were the partakers in the event.

Issues which were discussed include: reliability of opinion polls; desired frequency of such polls; how to make the most of such polls from the perspective of political parties; how such polls contribute to the democratization of society; what benefits can political parties achieve by researching public opinion and so on. The issue of opinion poll research featured widely on the agenda as in recent times this has become an important fixture of political activism in Bangladesh.

Before that, on April 8, 2014, DI arranged a workshop with CRI. It was a view exchange event where CRI representatives learned from, and shared their learning with Mr. Dicky Dooradi, Deputy Chief of Party and Director of Research and Mr. Golam Mostofa, Senior Program Manager, Research.

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