CRI to work countrywide with Shiree on Extreme Poverty

CRI to work countrywide with Shiree on Extreme Poverty

The Economic Empowerment of the Poorest Programme (EEP)/SHIREE (Stimulating Household Improvements Resulting in Economic Empowerment) aims to support the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) in achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 1 of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger by 2015.

SHIREE works in different geographic location across Bangladesh with the overarching goal to eradicate extreme poverty from the country by 2022. They are now going to initiate a sub-project in 6 different divisional cities mainly to disseminate the contents of ‘Manifesto for the Extreme Poor’ among the local level stakeholders and to mobilize opinions of them in favour of the recommendations put forward in that manifesto. CRI and Unnayan Shamannay are the partner organizations in this sub-project. The role of CRI is to arrange Let’s Talk with local students in each region to gather their ideas on eradicating extreme poverty. Before the day of each regional workshop CRI would organise Let’s Talk on local university premises to make students and other stakeholders aware of the manifesto and garner their recommendations towards eradicating extreme poverty effectively from the concerning region. The following table would illustrate the place, theme and tentative date of the regional workshops:

Regional Workshop at

Focusing theme

Tentative date


Protecting livelihoods against natural disasters



Creating economic opportunities for ethnic minority groups



Ensuring sustainable livelihood for Haor people



Combating seasonal hunger



Protecting livelihoods against natural disasters



Well being of urban slum dwellers in Dhaka


After the completion of six regional workshops CRI would give a hand to SHIREE in organising a national level ‘Policy Cafe’ on Extreme Poverty based on the outcomes of the regional workshops. In that event, a policy brief would be disseminated to the concerning policy making authorities.


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