Young Bangla National Youth Summit 2014

Young Bangla National Youth Summit 2014

We believe Bangladeshi youth with high potentials can emerge as the biggest asset of the country. They have full of innovative ideas to showcase to the nation but it remains silence due to the lack of knowledge sharing, proper financial assistance and technical support in the strategic and policy level. In considering this context, Young Bangla National Youth Summit 2014 will be convened in Dhaka with the aim of bringing together young activists, entrepreneurs, youth organizations, policy makers, the potential investors and inspiring social change leaders. This summit is the first step of empowering today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders. It will provide the platform to the youth to take the lead regarding policy formulation and implementation through sharing thoughts, ideas and dialogue.

Statistically 65% of the population of Bangladesh is youth who will help to shape policy at the local, state, and national levels. In Bangladesh with 160 million people it is a tough task for a government to achieve vision 2021 and present a prosperous country in the 50th year of independence. Keeping it in mind, the Young Bangla Coalition will be the platform of youth organizations who will mobilize the youth all over the country to take positive steps to achieve Vision 2021 with the lead of Centre for Research and Information (CRI). After the summit, this initiative will contribute to continue the vision-2021 to the next level with the Youth of Bangladesh. Young Bangla will be a platform to the national and non-resident Bangladeshis aiming with a singular mission to transform our country as the role model to the world which will direct to connect between the experienced and the young of our generation.

Youth Summit will provide exciting, on-site, interactive learning experiences for students, young activists and professionals. This experience will both encourage the youth and the professionals to participate in positive contribution towards national and community development in Bangladesh. This Summit will help the youth develop the interest and skills to become stewards of community work and also to grow into citizens who will enrich in policy formulation and implementation at the local and national levels. We proclaim that this summit will be unique because it will be a connection between mainstreaming youth and grassroots’ youth, and a network among their organizations.

This Summit is initiated based on participatory and bottom up approach. We are selecting our participants, achievers and speakers from the root level through field work, sharing our objectives, ideas and vision. Our focus is basically on the attributes from all corner including youth-led social innovators, solving livelihood, small medium self-reliant entrepreneurs, social activists.

There will be around 184 representatives from 160 different youth organizations from 64 districts of Bangladesh who are age group of 16 to 35. Among them there will be students, activists, volunteers from different public and private universities of Bangladesh. We have initially validated these participants through screening at Upazilla level then the representatives of the organization from district level will attend at a convention at divisional level where they will produce their resolution regarding Young Bangla.  After selecting these representatives from 7 divisions, they will join the youth summit at national level and meanwhile they can apply for the different special events.

2 day-long summit will be scheduled into 4 sessions as follows:

Session-1 Segment 1 Economic and Financial Topic 1 Bangladesh: The Next Asian Tiger
Segment 2 Youth development and social welfare Topic 2 Young Entrepreneurs: The Engine for Growth
Session 2 Segment 1 Social Welfare Topic 1 Human Capital: Key to Success
Segment 2 Showcasing Success Stories Topic 2 Young Activist: Mirror for Tomorrow
Session 3 Segment 1 Science and innovation Topic 1 Innovation: the way forward
Segment 2
Showcasing Success Stories


Topic 2 Local innovations: global recognition
Session 4 Segment 1 Politics, democracy and governance Topic 1 Vision 2021: Redefining the Reality
Segment 2

Dhaka Declaration/ Youth Manifesto 2014


These segments will highlight on the economic situation of Bangladesh and the potentiality of economic development. We believe Bangladesh has the resources and intellects to become the next Asian tiger in terms of economic development. If we look at the recent progress of the country, we can get the achievement of Bangladesh in different sectors e.g. RMG and IT outsourcing. This segment will present the unseen contribution given by the youth regarding social welfare and development. In addition to this, it will be discussed on the involvement of youth entrepreneurship and social innovation regarding creative and business sector. We will showcase the success stories, business and development ideas from the root level.

Through science and innovation Bangladesh can go more forward. Believing in that, the relevant segment will portray the innovators and ICT entrepreneurs who got exposed nationally and internationally. With the aim of making Vision-2021 more achievable, the sessions will provide the platform for the dialogue to the young politicians and the youth. In order to establish democratic and inclusive government, the youth engagement is the positive force of moving forward of Bangladesh that will be discussed in this summit.

There will be some youth engagement events in order to making the program more acknowledgeable and forwarding which are as bellow:

Tigers’ Den –This event is designed with following of the famous reality show “Dragons’ Den”.  In this show, Bangladeshi young entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to meet potential investors and can convince them to startup business financing or expand the Business through them in a proper corporate business deal. This will be an opportunity for the youth to submit their innovative and potential projects and manage the fund against the best 10 projects on spot.

Joy Bangla Youth Award- In order to recognize the contributors in different sectors, 30 young achievers in 10 categories will be awarded, among them the top ten will be nominated to Ten Outstanding Persons of the world from Bangladesh. The contributors are mainly youth–led organizations e.g. debate clubs, NGOs, cultural organizations and social awareness organizations.

Declaration of Manifesto –This declaration will be an outcome of National Youth Policy Parliament. This Parliament will be executed by 7 divisional representatives who are selected by the screening of the divisional coordinator. Each of them will come up with their resolutions which will be formulated as “Dhaka Declaration/Youth Manifestation” during the final summit.

Showcasing Young Bangla: There will be an exposition of innovation and success stories from all over Bangladesh to empower the youth of Bangladeshis about their ability to achieve. Dance Robo Dance, Car driven by air, Hoovers, Gaming, Global award winning Bangladeshi innovations and many more will be a key indication what we can really achieve.

50 years celebration of independence: Bangladesh is going to celebrate its 50 years of independence in the year 2021. This would be an ongoing event for which we request from all ages of people nationwide to take part of this celebration. You can submit your ideas, thoughts and suggestions on 50 years celebration of independence.

– You can send a picture, sketch, concept, essay, and theme.
– You can send a logo / icon / mnemonic
– All the ideas will be placed for public voting.
– Send us your suggestion at [email protected]

The program will be telecast via national television channels For updates and more details about the program, please visit: (Largest youth portal of Bangladesh)

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