Young Bangla Update

Young Bangla Update

Young Bangla Platform is working all over Bangladesh to engage the youth policy force of the country to identify and suggested policy change, to facilitate and build better Bangladesh in order to achieve the vision 2021. Divisional Coordinators are working at different divisional and district level in a focus to spread the Young Bangla network.

After the coordination meeting at Dhaka Young Bangla Coalition had several coordination meeting and FGD at Rangpur, Khulna, Borisal. Coordinators are doing FGDs with different root organization all over Bangladesh. The FGDs are mainly focused to connect the youth networks from district as well as Upazila level into Young Bangla Network. Through focused group discussion the objective of Young Bangla Platform has been shared to clarify the role and activities of Young Bangla platform. On 24th September young Bangla Focused group discussion was held in Khulna district at Khulna regional museum Auditorium. On that day 58 participants were present. Among them 42 were male and 16 female. Mohammad Sadequl Arefeen, Project Coordinator of Young Bangla was the moderator of that FGD. He discussed about young Bangla platform and shared mission, vision and objectives of Young Bangla. Moreover, he focused on the exclusive campaign of Young Bangla which leads the National Youth Summit in November 2015. Many recommendations came up in that FDG from the root level organization representative.

Recommendations got from Representatives

Need a district level secretariat for effective policy parliament.
If 2 or 3 times held district level policy parliament in a year than it bears a fruitful result.
We do good works but we don’t know how write good report. In this case, how will we able to submit a good report for Joy Bangla Youth Award Nomination?? We need your support to showcase our stories.
Local administrative officer can join the policy parliament it can be effective
Local journalist community should
On 23rd October at BNDN auditorium, Barisal another coordination meeting with the Borisal district coordinators and a FGD was held where UNYSAB President Mohammad Mamun Mia was the moderator. About 35 youth representative along with the district

coordinators participated in that meeting.

In order to the engage the youth a coordination meeting with university representative was held on 1st November at Senate Bhaban, University of Rajshahi. About 300 participants from 35 University and college representative from all over Bangladesh was present in that meeting. Mohammad Sadequl Arefeen was the moderator of that coordination meeting. Student Advisor of University of Rajshai Professor Sadequl Arefin Matin along with the President of United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh, Mohammad Mamun Mia was present in that coordination meeting. Discussion was held on Young Bangla and Vision 2021.

On 15th of November Young Bangla Launching program will be held at Hotel Radisson Blue. Youth participants from 64 districts along college and University representative will be there. Different representatives from partner organization will also be present at the inauguration ceremony of Young Bangla.

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