Bangladesh Youth Policy Parliament

Bangladesh Youth Policy Parliament

Bangladesh Youth Policy Parliament is a pre- event of Young Bangla National Youth Summit to upfront the Bangladeshi youth to the policy makers. It is an attempt to bring the words of the youth into the documents through field survey, workshop and Focus Group Discussion. This is the event where the problems of community and society will be filtered by the youth as well as it will disseminate the information among the youth in the district level.

It would be an open ground for all the youths of Bangladesh to share their voice with the current policy makers of the country. This arrangement will allow the students from different universities and institutions from all over the country to participate. The setup of this arrangement will be coordinated in 3 phases. Covering up the program, there will be 64 district level programs, 7 division level programs and the final parliament will take place at the main event of Young Bangla National Youth Summit.

•  District level: The district level program will be held at each of the 64 districts of Bangladesh. Selected educational institute from each district will give the scope of the local youths share their opinion. Honorable member of parliaments will be present during the sessions to interact with these youth and gather-share the youth opinion to a higher level. In order to bring out the youth from the grassroots level , 4500 UISC is providing sources to the surveyor

•  Divisional level: The divisional program will be held at each of the famous educational institutions of each division (i.e. Dhaka University, Chittagong University) with youth representing the respected division

•  National level: The final session will be conducted during the final summit of Young Bangla Youth Summit 2014, where the promising youths will attend the sessions in presence of Honorable Member of Parliaments

Youth Policy Parliament will be aligned with the youth of Bangladesh from root level to national level. At the initial year, it is targeted that more than 200 youth organizations will be enlisted in this platform from all over Bangladesh and the members of these organizations will start working as member through involvement in different event e.g. write up competition, 50 years celebration of independence or any volunteering movement program. The growing interest from such youth organizations in applying for youth projects will continue to contribute towards national and community development in Bangladesh. These member organizations will extend Youth Policy Parliament process from district level to village level in the following year. About 350 youth organization and 50,000 volunteers will be increased in the list. Local universities and schools will take this platform to the village level for replication in the local area of the country. In the target year, youth organizations will be reached up to 4451 Union and Youth Policy Parliament as Uthan Boithak will be held in 86000 villages of Bangladesh.

Apart from that the national youth policy parliament will be conducted to integrate the youth leaders and achievers all over Bangladesh and to come up with realistic goals in the form of “Dhaka Declaration” of first National Youth Summit due on 15 – 16 January, 2015.

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