Joy Bangla Youth Award Workshop of May 1

Joy Bangla Youth Award Workshop of May 1

The first day of activities for the Joy Bangla Youth Awards got underway at the auditorium of the Krishibid Institution of Bangladesh on May 1, 2015.

The introductory remarks, delivered by Sadequl Arefeen, thanked the shortlisted nominees for the Awards and expressed Young Bangla’s excitement at the many achievements of everyone present. The nominees were told of of the great hopes and expectations we hold for all their future achievements, and for all they will accomplish for their country, their communities and for themselves.

Attendees were asked to introduce themselves to the gathering, and to speak briefly about their backgrounds and their area of work and achievements that had seen them be nominated for the Joy Bangla Youth Award.

At the conclusion of the introduction, the nominees were divided into different groupings representative of their area or sector of accomplishment. These were:
• Community Development
• Social Inclusion
• Entrepreneurship
• Cultural Activities
• Research & Innovation

Nominees were then treated to a viewing of the Young Bangla music video, as well as a video about Vision 2021 which chronicled the tremendous strides Bangladesh has made in recent years while also outlining the goals and vision for the road to 2021.

Following a break for lunch and prayers, nominees then separated according to their groups to worship their project ideas and proposals with representatives from Young Bangla partner organisations.

The facilitators worked with the groups for several hours, shaping and advising the nominees proposals, giving them the benefit of their years of skills and experience in their respective organisations and specialisations.

These revised and updated proposals will now be ready to be submitted to various stakeholders in the hopes of seeking assistance, funding or other collaborations to meet their stated objectives.

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