Another 10 Change Makers Received JBYA in Different Categories

Another 10 Change Makers Received JBYA in Different Categories

Aside from 20 awardees of Community Development and Social Inclusion and Empowerment, the Joy Bangla Youth Award ceremony has also recognized other 10 change makers in the cluster of Business Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation, and Cultural Activities.

The awardees of these clusters are mentioned as bellows:
Business Entrepreneurship: Afzal Hossain, Anis Morshed, Shahriar Jahan Repa, Aziza Khairun Siegee
Research and Innovation: Md Mostafa Kamal, Mohammad Zakaria Haider, Safayet Ahmed
Cultural Activities: Jannatul Nayeem Preety, Sukanto Gupto, Md. Robiul Haque Chowdhury

This Joy Bangla Youth Award Ceremony takes place today to recognise the young champions of change of our county.
With a vision to find out the young achievers across the county, portray their untold success stories before the nation and untie them under one platform, Centre for Research and Information (CRI) launched the country’s biggest youth mobilization initiative Young Bangla (YB) in last November. For the JBYA, a platform under Young Bangla initiative, a total of 8 divisional meets, since January, were held across the country which seen as many as 1469 potential young achievers submitted their success stories. After a rigorous scrutiny, CRI finally selected top 60 potential candidates for their landmark attainments in five different sectors. At the event, the top 30 candidates have received the recognition of their contribution towards society. Furthermore, tofday, CRI has established a linkage with different ministries, GOs, NGOs, and private bodies to assist all the top sixty nominees in implementing and expanding their works and projects.

Besides recognizing the top 30, JBYA certified another 150 youth as significant contributors to the country’s development. These 150 received the Certificate of Appreciations.

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