CRI Study Circles Aim to Build Knowledgeable Youths

CRI Study Circles Aim to Build Knowledgeable Youths

Centre for Research and Information (CRI) has started its series of Study Circles to enlighten the youths of Bangladesh in their country’s founding history, important socio-political events and life and contributions of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. As part of the series, the first such Study Circle was held on July 9 (Thursday) at Dhanmondi’s Sky Chef Restaurant.

At least 50 students of various educational institutions took part in what turned out to be a stimulating and spontaneous session. The topics which were covered in this session fell within the following broad areas:
i) The various amendments to the Bangladesh Constitution since it was framed;
ii) The famine of 1974 and myths surrounding the tragic event;
iii) Engagement of world leaders on social networks.

Assistant Coordinator of CRI Tonmoy Ahmed and Research Officer Ghazi Asif Salahuddin spoke on the occasion. Apart from assigning pre-readings for the participants, CRI also provided them with handouts on the topics covered. The principal aims with which CRI has embarked on this endeavours include:

Making the youths aware of the important national historical events and issues of contemporary significance and inculcating in them a practice of being aware. The exercise is also in response to the ill attempts by some vested quarters in Bangladesh to spread a very distorted, confusing and often outright false narratives regarding our important national socio-political development over the years.

CRI plans on holding these study circles in different colleges and universities in the coming days to spread the true facts of the less told stories of our history and also showcasing the unyielding struggle of the Bangali nation and its founding Father. Gradually, CRI plans to take these study circles outside Dhaka to various parts of the country. Interested participants for the upcoming sessions have been requested to get in touch through CRI’s Facebook page
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