Let’s Talk on Bangladesh Achieving Middle Income Status: Vision 2021

Let’s Talk on Bangladesh Achieving Middle Income Status: Vision 2021

Yet again youths of Bangladesh told their heart out to their future leader. With strong enthusiasm and indomitable vigor they outshined the cloudy sky and intermittent shower, on 31st July, and partook in the 14th Let’s Talk session with the epitome of vision Sajeeb Wazed at Krishibid Institute in the capital.

In reference to the recent graduation of Bangladesh economy, as endorsed by the World Bank, the two hour discussion shed light on remarkable government initiatives, explored opportunities to push up the growth further and addressed future challenges centering “Bangladesh Achieving Middle Income Status: Vision 2021.”

As many as 200 visionaries ranging from university students, Joy Bangla Youth Awardees, young entrepreneurs, rising lawyers and aspiring economists also narrated the untold stories of change and outlined the road to progress and prosperity in their locality.

The entire programme was segmented in to five discussion areas namely—poverty reduction and inclusive growth, human development, capacity building and employability, economic growth, and way forward for Vision 2021.

Cashing on the opportunity to ask questions to the ICT advisor Sajeeb Wazed, the participants raised issues like urban poverty, wealth disparity, special economic zone, need assessment training, local governance, alternative energy resources, expansion of ICT use in agriculture, community volunteerism, skilled labour force, internship opportunities in government bodies, incubation for start-up, corruption in recruitment, education for physically challenged, national youth parliament, infrastructural development, disaster preparedness and many more.

In response to a question about reducing poverty, Sajeeb Wazed said, “In last six years, we did not let a single person to die of starvation as the country has eliminated the seasonal famine forever (termed as Monga).

He stated that although corruption has not been completely uprooted, it has been brought down to the lowest levels in living memory, at least in comparison with the previous governments. He reiterated the Awami League government’s policy of zero tolerance to corruption and the hope of eradicating the menace in the foreseeable future.