CRI Research Presented at Disaster Management Conference

CRI Research Presented at Disaster Management Conference

Centre for Research and Information (CRI) recently participated in a National Conference on the “Role of Red Crescent in Disaster Risk Management in Bangladesh” held between 30th November and 1st December 2015 at Hotel Radisson Blu, Dhaka jointly organized by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Apart from the CRI delegation participating the various sessions of the two-day conference, the organization presented its research findings on “The role of youth in times of crisis: research findings and youth volunteers involvement in disaster response” under theme 3- Protecting the vulnerable in Disaster.

Mr. Shah Ali Farhad (Policy Analyst, CRI), presented the research findings in front of a educated audience, consisting of disaster management stakeholders from both national and international arenas. Among others, the research highlighted the following issues:
I. Common features of youth and youth organizations working in the area of disaster management;
II. Problems faced by youth and youth organizations while working in disaster management;
III. Recommendations from youth and youth organizations as to how their work in disaster management can be further improved with help from government and non government institutions.

The research was conducted by CRI by undertaking focus group discussions, survey questionnaires, face to face consultations and online communications carried out via social networks with around 200 youth working directly in various aspects of disaster management in Bangladesh. The presentation highlighted a couple of Joy Bangla Youth Award 2015 winners working in the area of disaster management, namely:
a) Nodi Vangon Songram Parishad: Led by its founder Suman Chnadra Das, and active participation of 40 volunteers, the group has been working to assist the residents of Durgapur Union, Bakergonj Upazilla, Barisal, from the adverse impacts of river erosion;
b) Mr. Zakaria Haider: Founder of an organization called Alor Dishari, Zakaria and his friends have developed a prototype of a robot named “Max Explorer” which locates trapped people and also can send emergency provisions to people in inaccessible places. Controlled both manually and automatically, the device uses GPS, maps, high resolution camera and other relevant technology.

The presentation can be viewed in full here.

Youths in Times of Crisis: Bangladesh Perspective from CentreForResearchAndInfo

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