CRI’s Online Engagement at AL National Conference

CRI’s Online Engagement at AL National Conference

Centre for Research and Information (CRI) had an extensive presence at the 20th National Conference of Bangladesh Awami League. Being held on the 22nd October and 23rd October, 2016 , this two day mega democratic exercise is taking place respectively at the historic Suhrawardy Udyan and the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB), Dhaka. CRI had lined up a host of activities and creations designed especially for the attendees at the council, publicize the history of the party as well to ensure maximum engagement of the people at large with the event in question. In this report, we will look at the help provided by CRI for the online engagement part of this event.

Live Streaming & Updates: CRI helped ensure maximum engagement of the people at large, from home and abroad, with the 20th National Conference by arranging live streaming of the first day of the event from the venue. The live telecast option was available in the webpage of the 20th National Conference, the official Facebook page of Bangladesh Awami League and the YouTube channel of CRI. This ensured that party workers, leaders, activists and general people from across the country could watch the events as they unfolded throughout the day. More than a million people concurrently watched the event live and many more and now watching the recorded video from the abovementioned sources. CRI also provided live updates on all key developments and events at the conference in social media (Facebook and Twitter) using the hashtag #CouncilLIVEUpdate.

History Campaign: In the run up to the 20th National Conference, CRI provided research and design help to Bangladesh Awami League’s web team ( to conduct two specific campaigns on their social media, Facebook and Twitter on the history of Awami League since its inception and the specific history of the various councils which have taken place over the years. Using the hashtags #ALBD Council, #ALBDHistory and #ALBDCouncil2016, these campaigns were run on the verified Facebook and Twitter accounts of Awami League (www.fb.come/awamileague.1949; @albd1971).

Materials Online: To ensure maximum dissemination, all materials published and disseminated by CRI to mark the 20th National Conference of Bangladesh Awami League have been provided for free and easy downloads from the party’s and CRI’s online platforms. This includes the 4 special booklets, all leaflets, all posters and placards. Download Link :

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