Showcasing Young Bangla

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Showcasing Young Bangla

Young Bangla is an initiative to engage the youth policy force of the country to identify and suggested policy change, to facilitate and build better Bangladesh in order to achieve the vision 2021. And it is a platform to connect all the dots between the past, present and future; a connection between the experienced and the young and singular mission to transform our country as the role model of the world. The convening partners of this joint venture are Junior Chamber International Bangladesh (JCI), United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB), Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh (ESAB), Bangladesh Debate Federation (BDF), Centre for Research and Information (CRI) and The Earth. Focusing on Young Bangla Summit 2015’ volunteers from different district are working allover Bangladesh.
On 23rd October at BNDN auditorium, Borisal another coordination meeting with the Borisal district coordinators and a FGD was held where UNYSAB President Mohammad Mamun Mia was the moderator. About 35 youth representative along with the district coordinators participated in that meeting.

In order to the engage the youth a coordination meeting with university representative was held on 1st November at Senate Bhaban, University of Rajshahi. About 300 participants from 35 University and college representative from all over Bangladesh was present in that meeting. Mohammad Sadequl Arefeen was the moderator of that coordination meeting. Student Advisor of University of Rajshai Professor Sadequl Arefin Matin along with the President of United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh, Mohammad Mamun Mia was present in that coordination meeting. Discussion was held on Young Bangla and Vision 2021.

Showcasing Young Bangla
The young Bangla platform will be displaying innovative success stories / entrepreneurial activities of Bangladeshi youths and will promote these success stories in order to motivate Bangladeshi youths home and abroad. The main objective if this program is to showcase Bangladeshi youth’s ability to achieve. Projects like Dance Robo Dance, Car Driven by Air, Agricultural Advancements, Rural Innovations, and Global Award Winning Bangladeshi Innovations and many more will be key indications of what Bangladeshi youths can really achieve.

Main attraction of the program:
– Performing arts
– Mobile applications
– Our own computer games
– Social innovations
– Digital innovations
– Agricultural innovations
– Showcasing young entrepreneurs innovative products
– Emerging businesses
– Policy debates, etc.

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