30 youth-led organizations win Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020

30 youth-led organizations win Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020

Thirty youth-led organizations have won the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020 for their contribution to the country and society. Sajeeb Wazed, the prime minister’s ICT adviser and CRI chairperson announced the winners at a virtual program on November 17, 2020.The winners include 16 under social inclusion category and 14 under social development. Earlier, 47 organizations were nominated for the final from over 600 applicants. This was the fourth edition of the award given by CRI’s youth platform Young Bangla.

Describing their work as outstanding, Sajeeb Wazed said they are serving the common people in an inspiring manner. He mentioned that the winners were trying to resolve the problems they found while some other people always prefer to complain. “They are not big organizations, may be a single youth working in a village. But they are helping the people with their own ideas instead of complaining. That’s what we all should do,” he added.


Nasrul Hamid, a CRI Trustee and state minister for Power, Energy & Mineral Resources Ministry, also addressed the event moderated by Dr Nuzhat Choudhury.

While receiving the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020, the young changemakers got chance to relay their stories to the nation. They are the youths turning around lives and transforming their communities. Some of them reached out to the homeless, to the distressed with help during the Coronavirus pandemic. Some offered out food, they did whatever they could with their little capacity. Some of them have been working relentlessly to ensure no women or children become victims of violence.

The list of winners:

Happy Natore, Shoshtho Indrio (The Sixth Sense), OBHIZATRIK Foundation, Miserable Welfare Association, Hate-Khori Foundation, Ek Takay Shikkha, Goodfeelm, Unmesh, Ignite Youth Foundation, iTecH School, Positive Bangladesh, Deshi Ballers, Youth For Change Bangladesh, Centre for Rights & Development of persons with Disabilities-CRDD, Bangladesh Wheelchair Sports Foundation, and Hobigonj Association For Autism And Social Improvement (HAASI).

Bloodman HealthCare, MASTUL Foundation, World Youth Army, Central Boys of Raozan, Mission Save Bangladesh Foundation, Footsteps Bangladesh, Safety Management Foundation, Plastic Initiative Network (PIN), Youth Environment and Social Development Society (YESDS), Psycure Organization,

Dip Medical Services & Dipasha Foundation, Pohorchada Adarsa Pathagar, Uttoron Jubo Songothon, and Cinema Bangladesh.

The winners reflected that the award will link them with a wider network and motivate them to carry forward the services they are already doing to their communities. Ashreen Mridha leads Ballers Women’s Development, creating a scope for hundreds of girls to play basketball. “This award is dedicated to all the girls who have been struggling over the years to take part in sports and to enjoy their rights. Apart from sports, the organization is also working on the mental growth of women,” she added.

Bloodmen Healthcare, led by Dr. Monzur Hussain Chowdhury, facilitated emergency treatment and collected blood during the Coronavirus pandemic. Promising to continue the service they are doing to society, he said, “These youths will pave the path for Golden Bangladesh.”

Since its inception in 2014, Young Bangla, the youth platform of CRI, has been recognizing the efforts of youths who initiated and carried forward positive social changes. Awardees of previous years were facilitated through direct interaction with policymakers and networking among themselves, which helped them continue and enhance the services they were already doing to their communities.

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