Last two installments of Mujib graphic novel unveiled

Last two installments of Mujib graphic novel unveiled

Centre for Research and Information (CRI) unveiled the 9th and 10th episode of its signature publication graphic novel “Mujib” on 19 February, 2022 at the Bangla Academy Amar Ekushey Book Fair. Eminent writer and educationist Dr. Mohammed Zafar Iqbal, writer and journalist Anisul Hoque, artist Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy and creative editor of Shibu Kumer Shill were present at the unveiling ceremony.

Mission Punjab— the 9th episode highlights Mujib’s thrilling journey to Punjab where he met his political mentor Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy to form All-Pakistan Awami Muslim League. Muktir Pothe— the 10th episode covers how Mujib fought for the rights of the Bangalis in the then East Pakistan while he was framed and jailed for false allegation. The 10th episode concludes the graphic novel series.

In his opening remark, Shibu Kumer Shill reminisced how the project was initiated and how after more than seven years the project meets its culmination. He also took a moment to offer sincere gratitude to Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her inspiration to continue the project and editorial feedback.

Cartoonist Tanmoy reflected on the seven-year long journey with Mujib and how he has grown up reading comics on international figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and contemplated why there is no such creative works on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Completion of graphic novel Mujib is a proud moment for him as a cartoonist and proud moment for Bangladesh as the country now has a complete graphic novel on its national superhero.

The chief guest of the unveiling ceremony Dr. Mohammed Zafar Iqbal has made some candid remarks on Bangabandhu and the project Mujib.

“Mujib graphic novel is an outstanding document on Bangabandhu. While it’s a must-read for kids, it should also hit the shelves of adults. The kids who are yet to read big books will also be drawn towards this book due to its pictures.”

-Dr. Mohammed Zafar Iqbal

After the unveiling, the guests handed over complete sets of Mujib graphic novel to some children.

Graphic novel Mujib is a CRI flagship creative project based on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s autobiography “The Unfinished Memoirs.” It aims to present the eventful life of Bangabandhu to younger generation in an attractive manner. The series has gained immense popularity with young readers, creating a lasting impression and making them politically informed. CRI trustees Radwan Mujib Siddiq, a grandson of Bangabandhu, and Nasrul Hamid, State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, are the publishers of Mujib Graphic Novel.

The 10-installment graphic novel series depicts the young Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, his childhood, the becoming of a young political activist in the backdrop of partition of British India, one of the forerunners of Pakistan movement and Language movement. The fi­rst episode of Mujib was launched on 17 March, 2015.

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