December 3, 2014
Youth Voice in Politics & Development
‘Young Bangla’, the most inclusive youth mobilization initiative in Bangladesh till date, was launched on November 15, 2014. The visionary behind Digital Bangladesh Sajeeb Wazed Joy, also the Prime Minister’s Adviser on ICT, chaired the inaugural event and raised the curtain of this National Youth Network. Representatives from over 200 youth organizations, from 64 districts joined in, as partner organizations supporting the dream of fulfilling Vision 2021. During the inauguration, the future leader Sajeeb Wazed Joy said, “This platform is designed to put a strong focus on the proper development of the youth of Bangladesh.”He further made a fascinating announcement about the internship opportunity, coming up for the youth, directly with different ministries. To know the detail, please visit the official website of Young Bangla:
Centre for Research and Information (CRI) organized a Brainstorming workshop on “Youth Leadership and Volunteerism” on 20th October, 2014. About 30 students from various universities including Sylhet and Khulna attended in this idea sharing session. The workshop was designed to gather participants’ expectations and fears in regards to working voluntarily for community development. Through group works, they presented their projections regarding the necessity of youth volunteerism, strategies towards social development, challenges and precincts in voluntary services, and required supports to execute the strategies. The students brought forth interesting ideas such as establishing a combined platform to promote youth volunteerism and using theater and online spaces as the new mode of promoting awareness about volunteerism. Additionally, they found that lack of family support, financial restraints, and inadequate recognitions are some of the major stumbling blocks towards voluntary services.
SAP Education and CRI in partnership with ‘Shikkha’ and ‘SS Solutions’ arranged a Career Talk titled ‘Making You Employable for the Global Market Needs’ on 26th November, 2014 at Seminar Room, Institute of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB). Around 150 students and fresh graduates particularly from BUET and other universities were selected through an open pre-registration process. The distinguished speakers discussed a crucial issue ‘employability index’. The index illustrates that the unemployment problem is not so central now as the market is growing. Rather it has become a problem to find out capable and skilled employees for the newly developing industries. They advised students to gather four qualities to be fitted with the job market i.e. domain knowledge regarding industries, knowledge about future technologies, soft skills like interpersonal and communicative proficiency, and industrial exposures. These four things make a student rightly employable and fit for the global market needs.
Development Updates
The Government of Bangladesh recognizes education as a means of reducing poverty and improving the quality of life, through effective human development. Every national and international agency has recognized the significant progress Bangladesh has made towards achieving universal primary education and gender parity in schools. The enactment of national Education Policy-2010 and ICT in Education Master Plan (2012-2021) has propelled a positive move towards becoming a Knowledge Society. Timely distributions of a record number of quality textbooks, introducing special incentives for teachers, abolishing corporal punishment, making dynamic educational websites and digitization in certain levels, have brought about improvements in quality education delivery.
After winning two successive international verdicts on maritime boundary disputes, the ‘blue economy’ concept has ushered in a new horizon for economic development of the country by utilizing the sea and marine resources at both the national and international level. The peaceful resolution of maritime discords has opened a golden opportunity for Bangladesh to explore and exploit the vast resources in the Bay of Bengal. In a developing country like Bangladesh, the role that marine resources play in poverty alleviation, acquiring autarky in food production, protecting environmental balance, facing adverse impacts of climate change and other economic activities, is virtually unlimited.
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