June 30, 2021 | Issue 18



CRI launched the 4th issue of policy magazine ‘WhiteBoard’

CRI launched the fourth issue of its flagship policy magazine ‘WhiteBoard’ in June 2021. The release of this issue completes one year of its journey. It explores what needs to be done to take the next step in Bangladesh’s innovation journey, how technology will be an essential tool in attracting a new generation to work in agriculture, the government’s approach to innovation, how block-chain technology can be used to significantly increase foreign investment in infrastructure and technological solution to increase lending to Cottage, Micro, Small, Medium, Enterprises (CMSMEs).

CRI Annual Report 2020

CRI-Young Bangla Annual Report 2020 is a compilation of yearlong endeavors by CRI and its youth network, Young Bangla. CRI-Young Bangla organized a number of virtual events on COVID-19 related issues faced by the youth of Bangladesh. CRI launched a policy magazine ‘WhiteBoard’ which has created a lot of buzz. Alongside several development and policy-focused publications, a series on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was published as a tribute on his birth centenary. Campaign on ‘Women’s Safety in Public Places’ is another notable initiative. To learn more about the CRI and Young Bangla initiatives in 2020, read the Annual Report 2020.

CRI-Young Bangla joined hands with DNCC in Mass Masking Campaign

CRI-Young Bangla collaborated with Dhaka North City Corporation, Innovations for Poverty Action, Bangladesh, Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women and BRAC Institute of Governance and Development on the ‘DNCC Mass Masking Campaign’ on May 11, 2021. The campaign was launched in Dhaka to sensitize people and increase the practice of wearing mask properly to reduce Covid-19 transmission. From the onset of the pandemic, CRI, and its youth platform Young Bangla, has been proactive in grassroots awareness programs and policymaking support on safe-volunteerism and mask-usage. Young Bangla volunteers have joined the pool of the campaign’s frontline volunteers. CRI policy magazine WhiteBoard's second issue on ‘Covid-19: Recover and Reimagine’ highlighted the early findings of a collaborative research on the dynamics and benefits of mask-wearing in various settings in Bangladesh.

'Women's Safety in Public Places' campaign goes local

Campaign on 'Women's Safety in Public Places' launched by Young Bangla in partnership with UNDP and the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), is heading towards its third quarter. Ten youth organizations of the Young Bangla network are currently conducting Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), Case Studies and Participatory Situational Analysis with relevant key stakeholders in their respective communities. The stakeholders include local law enforcement agency members, law practitioners, students, entrepreneurs and the community people. These studies will help the campaigners understand the local perspective in terms of women’s safety in public places.

CRI published its third issue of Covid-19 Bulletin

From the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, CRI has been close following the Covid-19 policy actions adopted by Bangladesh. CRI has also been active on social media to communicate those policy measures through engaging audio-visual materials. As part of its Covid-19 awareness initiative, CRI has so far published and circulated three Covid-19 Special Bulletin. The bulletins contain updates on Bangladesh’s policy measures, special directives and multi-sectoral fiscal measures to tackle the health and the economic challenges.

‘Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale' screened on national televisions

One of the CRI’s historical projects, docu-drama ‘Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale’ was screened on different national TV channel on May 17, 2021. May 17 is popularly known as ‘Hasina’s homecoming day’ in Bangladesh’s political discourse. Sheikh Hasina returned to Bangladesh on May 17, 1981 after six years in exile following her father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s assassination. To commemorate the day, Bangladesh Television (BTV), BTV World, Ekattor TV, Somoy TV, Channel 24 and ATN News screened the docu-drama.

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