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Quarterly Insights and Updates from Centre for Research and Information


#CRIclickety is a segment of CRI’s research work published online that delves into special writeups on contemporary policy prospects and issues in Bangladesh.  

What is Bangladesh’s ‘Internship Policy’ all about

The Bangladeshi government has instituted an Internship Policy, a pioneering move to integrate fresh graduates into public sector roles, announced in October 2023. This policy, influenced by CRI’s sustained advocacy since 2015, aspires to equip the youth with practical skills, fostering a proficient workforce for an advanced economy by 2041. The policy mandates internship offerings across government and semi-government entities, providing structured, merit-based opportunities to graduates, thereby addressing skill mismatches and enhancing employability.
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How Bangladesh is Embracing Third Gender

Bangladesh, a land of rich diversity, is progressively mainstreaming gender diversity through policy actions and social activism. The 2013 recognition of the hijra community marked a pivotal step, leading to significant socioeconomic interventions. These include identification documents, safety nets, financial inclusion, tax incentives, housing projects, and political participation. While notable strides have been made, challenges such as uniform recognition and inheritance rights persist, necessitating continued advocacy and policy refinement.
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Story of Women’s Safety in Public Places campaign

The Women’s Safety in Public Places (WSPP) campaign, a collaborative initiative by CRI, UNDP, and the National Human Rights Commission, ran from 2020 to 2022. The campaign spearheaded by CRI’s youth platform, Young Bangla, aimed to address gender-based violence through mass awareness and policy reforms. Engaging over 12 million people through online and on-ground activities, WSPP fostered crucial partnerships and policy dialogues to enhance women's safety in Bangladesh.
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CRI Launches its Annual Report for 2023

The CRI Annual Report 2023 highlights a year of significant impact by the Centre for Research and Information (CRI) as a leading think-and-do tank in Bangladesh focused on youth engagement and policy advocacy. Alongside global engagements, CRI and its youth platform Young Bangla hosted numerous national events like the Joy Bangla Concert, Joy Bangla Youth Award, Let’s Talks in universities, and a Policy Café in 2023, engaging millions online and offline.
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WhiteBoard- Our Flagship Policy Magazine

WhiteBoard is CRI’s policy magazine, offering a quarterly anthology of original, research-based, and high-quality commentary on Bangladesh from multidisciplinary authors and policy perspectives.

WhiteBoard Issue 16

In WhiteBoard Issue 16 of June 2024, the authors explore pressing prospects and challenges from unprecedented global issues, from pandemics to climate change and AI growth. Highlighting the SMART Bangladesh agenda, this issue delves into the essential role of public-private partnerships, advanced research culture, health, AI regulation, and holistic approaches to environmental and societal issues. This edition underscores the importance of collective effort and innovative policy-making for a resilient future.
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Young Bangla – Connecting Million Dots

Alongside CRI’s policy advocacy and research, its youth platform Young Bangla channels the vitality of Bangladeshi youth to build a prosperous nation. With the motto “Connecting Million Dots”, Young Bangla is a launching pad for countless individuals and youth-led organizations. It supports them with the necessary resources, training and encouragement, so that they can add their game-changing ideas to the welfare of Bangladesh.

Young Bangla’s Call for Joy Bangla Youth Award 2024

With over 45 million youth, Bangladesh is poised for a prosperous future. The Joy Bangla Youth Award (JBYA), initiated by CRI in 2015, honors young heroes driving societal change. To date, it has celebrated 157 youth-led organizations. In June, Young Bangla announced JBYA 2024, urging youths to share their impactful stories. This prestigious award recognizes grassroots success stories, spotlighting trailblazers and inspiring national resilience and contributions.
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Young Bangla’s Campaign – “Keep your environment clean and liveable”

Young Bangla, the largest youth platform in Bangladesh, launched an extensive nationwide campaign to combat climate change through community awareness. Starting on April 22, this seven-day initiative featured diverse activities including street plays, seminars, and tree plantations, engaging over 50 youth-led organizations and half a million people. The campaign aimed to educate on environmental protection and waste management, reflecting Young Bangla's ongoing commitment to fostering youth-driven change and environmental activism.
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CRI generates captivating multimedia on issues and individuals ranging from developmental policies to national intellectuals who have contributed to national integration.

Shaheed Janani Jahanara Imam

CRI dedicated a motion graphic on the iconic Jahanara Imam, mother of the martyred war hero Bir Bikram Shafi Imam Rumi, on her 95th birth anniversary.
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National Leader AHM Qamaruzzaman

On the 98th birth anniversary of Abul Hasnat Muhammad Qamaruzzaman, CRI shared a motion graphic on his life, struggles, and political acumen that contributed to shaping Bangladeshi statecraft.
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Bangladesh’s Wildlife and Biodiversity

Bangladesh's rich biodiversity continues to be a critical asset, featuring incredible wildlife species and vital transit corridors. The country is home to Royal Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, Gangetic dolphins, Northern River Terrapins, etc. CRI’s special CG dives into Bangladesh’s wildlife and how it is being threatened by deforestation, climate change, and illegal trade activities.
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CRI Shoutouts

CRI generates captivating multimedia on issues and individuals ranging from developmental policies to national intellectuals who have contributed to national integration.
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