Sheikh Hasina Publications

Hasina: The Statecraft

Sheikh Hasin, a seasoned statesperson and a South Asian stalwart, is the longest-serving prime minister of Bangladesh. She is an avid policymaker where she adopted the principle of “leaving no one behind.” Her policymaking is geared to turn Bangladesh into a progressive country with a strong social welfare system. This CRI publication elaborates how Bangladesh under her leadership went from “being one of the poorest nations” at birth in 1971 to achieving developing country status in 2021.

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Hasina: The Vision

Sheikh Hasina is the longest serving prime minister of Bangladesh. In successive terms she has steered the country through a period of record growth and socio-economic transformation. This CRI publication illustrates the journey of Sheikh Hasina as she continues to lead Bangladesh. She has inspired the nation with her new vision – to transform Bangladesh into a poverty-free developed country by 2041.  

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